So as you know, I am not an expert. I am just a pregnant lady trying to help other pregnant ladies with my experience. I have only been pregnant once. Now my MOTHER has been pregnant 22 times. With 16 children. All alive and well!!! (She had some miscarriages).

So she is the queen of advice, and when I give you my advice, I may be stealing her advice, so she can sue me later. But, HEARTBURN WHEN PREGNANT stinks.

So let's talk about it.

It happened to me randomly, and when I ate random things so I am SURE everyone is different.
Orange juice ALWAYS gives me heartburn. And lemonade. Two of my FAVORITE drinks.
So get used to giving things up for peace when you are pregnant. Here are 3 things that helped me relieve it.

1. Tums Of course this is the easy answer. Chew tums. But you know what? They are gross and disgusting and chalky at times. And sometimes you can eat so many, its just more worth it to deal with the heartburn. Which is more like in your throat and feels like you are going to burp but you never do. So I tried lots of other things too. At Walgreens I found Chewable Antacids. Like starburst chewy. Because A LONG time ago I tried Rolaid Tums, but since Rolaid is on a major recall because wood and dirt were found in their products, they don't have them. But they were more likable than the Walgreen chewys. So Tums, or other chewables are helpful, but not my favorite choice.

2. Apples Everytime I had the annoying heartburn/upset stomach/felt weird from something I ate. I would cut up an apple (not peel it) and put it in a clean bowl and it looked more delicious than biting it and eating it off the core. was INSTANT relief 99.9% of the time. So try it, apples.

3. Pepcid/generic Wal-Mart brand (Equate) This was my ULTIMATE saver. Now I waited to ask my doctor. MISTAKE, should have just started doing it. It is perfectly safe, and I took one just whenever I felt it in my throat. FASTEST BEST, INSTANT BEAUTIFUL RELIEF. Wonderful. It says on the bottle to take them every time before you eat, but I didn't need it that much.

Now here are some things that I didn't do faithfully but they did help when I did do them.
Drink a lot of water (sometimes this made me puke after I ate something that gave me heartburn).
Eating a lot of raw veggies. My favorites were just carrots, I just carried around a bag of carrots. This helped me feel great in the heartburn area.
Also, my mom told me that Aloe Vera juice helped her heartburn (I never tried this so I can't claim its wonders, but if you are an all natural lover this would be a good one for you)
Also 1 tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water, with your meal can help the aftershock of a spicy/salty/greasy meal.


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